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Delhi Through The Eyes Of A Mumbaikar Part I

If you were a regular reader of this blog, I’m pretty sure you must be wondering where I’d disappeared off to. 
No, I didn’t give up on this blog and did something that strictly stuck to the status quo that most of my classmates are wont to do. 
No, I didn’t elope with some Roadside Romeo 
And no, I most certainly did not get abducted by aliens. 
I shifted this July to Delhi NCR.  
Why? Because right after I graduated this year, I went for a fellowship programme to explore the world out there and get out of the monotony of the commerce field. 
Aaand the experience has been mind-blowing so far! I’m getting to do so many different courses across varied fields, meet people from so many diverse backgrounds and getting to absorb a hell lot of new knowledge! Plus –
Okay, more on the fellowship gushing later. Now onto the main focus: I shifted. 
Yes, I shifted from the comforting environs of my home in Bombay to a university in North India, which is really close to Delhi. I gave up the grud…

Life's Short, Make It Count!

When I was younger, I'd often fear a lot of things - fear of the creepy alien from Koi Mil Gaya, fear of writhing snakes (actual snakes and human snakes), fear of not living up to expectations and...
Fear of dying.
I remember when I was eight, I'd huddle closer to my mom, while sleeping, and would often cry thinking about what would happen if I die. 
Would my family be crying for me? Would my friends stop playing at all? 
Or would they promptly replace me with a super-awesome new kid who'd be so smart and perfect that my people would forget I'd ever existed in the first place?
But as the years passed by, the pile of homework and the burden of getting a career sorted got larger and death just got sidelined to news like "Oh, did you know, so-and-so-passed away?"  
But it all changed a couple of weeks back, when a grand uncle of mine passed away, all of a sudden.
A month ago, he was fine - as hale and hearty as a horse.
And suddenly, he got a stroke, got hospit…

The Importance Of Empowering Young Girls

Coming from a patriarchal country like India, one would expect that I was also raised with the ingrained belief that the female gender is worthless for everything except nurturing the family. 
But thankfully, I was raised in a progressive household, where women had an equal say in all the important decisions. 
My family, instead of moulding me into an ideal bhartiya naari, brought me up to be driven about whatever I do and stand up for my beliefs, no matter what the detractors said.
My role models weren’t the stereotypical bahus in the Indian soap operas, who would be perpetually wearing ten coatings of makeup, heavy clothes and jazzy jewellery and still managed to devote their entire day to the kitchen in a palatial house that ideally should have dozens of maids. 
Instead, they were strong women, who lead their lives successfully, regardless of the problems they had. Some were young mothers facing the challenges of raising many kids on their own in an unknown area, some were working…