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Delhi Through The Eyes Of A Mumbaikar Part I

If you were a regular reader of this blog, I’m pretty sure you must be wondering where I’d disappeared off to. 
No, I didn’t give up on this blog and did something that strictly stuck to the status quo that most of my classmates are wont to do. 
No, I didn’t elope with some Roadside Romeo 
And no, I most certainly did not get abducted by aliens. 
I shifted this July to Delhi NCR.  
Why? Because right after I graduated this year, I went for a fellowship programme to explore the world out there and get out of the monotony of the commerce field. 
Aaand the experience has been mind-blowing so far! I’m getting to do so many different courses across varied fields, meet people from so many diverse backgrounds and getting to absorb a hell lot of new knowledge! Plus –
Okay, more on the fellowship gushing later. Now onto the main focus: I shifted. 
Yes, I shifted from the comforting environs of my home in Bombay to a university in North India, which is really close to Delhi. I gave up the grud…