Then And Now

Semi-autobiographical and it's kinda my first attempt to stick to a strict rhyming scheme. Hope you like it! :) 

Ten years ago,
You were a scabby-kneed pre-teen,
Not particularly,
A part of the cliche popular scene; 

You were,
Still stuck in the world of Barbies and Blyton;
Facebooking and dating,
Wasn't exactly your idea of fun;  

And now, ten years later,
You're an adult in name,
Away from the lure of,
That vicious thing called fame; 

Ten years ago,
You were doted on,
By your loving family,
Never had a moment to be left forlorn;

Yet, back then, whenever you were,
In a crippling, cacophonic crowd,
You often felt,
A pang of loneliness that was unnaturally loud; 

And now, ten years later,
You're an adult in name,
Living on her own,
Away from the family but,
The deep bond is all the same;

Ten years ago,
You had a couple of playmates,
Who'd light up your day with fun and frolic,
It's truly a tragedy that y'all had different fates -

And now, ten years later,
For some, you're just,
A distant photograph from the past;
And then there are others,
Who now openly resent you and who constantly doubt,
About how long you're going to last; 

Ten years ago,
You were with friends,
Who outgrew you and your late bloomer genes,
And thought your friendship was not worth the mend;

And now, ten years later,
You are surrounded by,
Dear friends who're kind, driven souls,
Who're destined to fly high;

Ten years ago,
You weren't exactly,
The damsel-in-distress,
Waiting for some lame Prince Charming,
To set her free; 

And now, ten years later,
Things have remained the same;
Though there have been fellows,
Some cheesy, some Darcy-esque,
Who dented your fragile pride and naive heart,
You still think cheesy romance is lame;

Ten years ago,
You embarked on an journey,
To start writing on your blog,
And set your imagination on a wild spree;

And now, ten years later,
You're still clacking that keyboard away,
No matter what happens,
Your passion to write is here to stay; 

You know not,
What may transpire,
In the next ten years,
What the universe may conspire;

Yet, you know it well -
That come what may,
You'll strive to stay strong,
And will hold your fort and,
Tackle with full heart and soul,
Whatever for you lays; 


And here I am, months later.

I should officially change my blog username to Late Lateef-a, the Queen of Tardiness and the Ultimate Procrastinator of her assignment and internship work.

Ah well. 

Dear reader, it's been an INTENSE period. Absolutely crazy. I've had some really intense courses, plus my internship started and I have had some serious ups-and-downs emotionally.

And now, here I am, finally writing something after getting triggered by the stupid ten-years-ka-challenge. 

I didn't want to post a picture of me ten years ago and me now. 

People who are my friends on Facebook and are following me on Instagram are already bored by my crazy stories. Adding a 10-years-challenge wala post would be adding ghee to the fire, lol. 


I hope you liked this short piece and if you liked it/disliked it, please let me know, so that I can improve as a writer and can improve upon the way I think!

Stay awesome as ever,

Much love,

Archie <3 


  1. Just beautiful and we'll written.I can't believe that you are an adult, though in your writing you are a very mature adult.


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