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Hey, Wait! Is Modern Day Astrology Really About Human Psychology?

STATUTORY WARNING: This post isn't an attempt to hurt someone's sentiments. It's just my personal view on astrology and my musings about it. Thank you.
Ah, astrology
There are many, who religiously believe in the magic of the stars. 
And there are many people, who love, love trashing it and scoffing, Blergh! Who believes in stars and all that shit? 
Let me now tell you, some of them are the very same people who follow zodiac pages on Instagram and jump at the chance of  getting their horoscopes read. 
As much as I'd like to say that I'm a perfectly logical human being who thinks she is way above the trappings of astrology, I have to say that I'm equally one of those idiots who follows zodiac pages on Instagram and jump at the chance of getting my horoscope read. And this post is going to be my spiel on what I make of the weird, mystical "science" called astrology. 
With an atheist father and a no-nonsense mother, you'd thi…