FAQs - You Asked, So I Answered

Since I happen to have a lot of spare time in my hands, I thought: hey, why not make an FAQ page and clear a few doubts that people occasionally pester me with?

I do know that my blog is not at all famous but I'm not bothered. Aside for the fact that I write about things that I feel passionate about, I do know that my blog is also being read (accidentally or purposely) by somebody. And, I do not wish to make that somebody feel utterly confused.

Hence, I've compiled a list of frequently asked questions! Here goes nothing:

How many times did you change your blog's title? 

Ages ago, back when I was an happy-go-lucky harpy, my blog was called "Confessions Of An Ever-Daydreaming Teen". It was kind of inspired from movies like, "Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen" or Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan's "Confessions Of A Listmaniac". I think it fitted well with the vibe of this blog: a recently matured teenager trying to rediscover herself, where her priorities are and how much she wished to hang onto the remnants of her childhood which was fast rushing away, like a Rajdhani Express. 

Then, I picked up a quote called "There's No Genius Without A Mixture Of Madness" and titled it, thus calling my blog a neurotic, genius masterpiece. 

Haha, talk about boasting! 

Finally, I settled onto my current name, "A Bundle Of Contradictions" and I think it fits well with the content that I write here.

Why did you name your blog "A Bundle Of Contradictions"? 

"A Bundle Of Contradictions" is a phrase that I took from The Diary Of A Young Girl - Anne Frank's diary. This phrase was written in Anne's last diary entry (1st August, 1944). In that entry, Anne describes herself as a "highly contradictory person" hence, she uses the phrase "A Bundle Of Contradictions". 

I found this phrase really quirky and I thought it suited the (practically non-existing) vibe of this blog. I must confess, I'm a highly contradictory person myself. My family has always seen me as the lazy kid who they can't see as a grown-up. My friends think I'm someone who's highly hyperactive and my enemies (you know, those people who can't stand me and who I don't give a darn about) think I'm a highly immature geek. The people who barely know me (AKA distant second/third cousins and classmates) think I'm a really quiet, shy and studious person.

(And I'm pretty sure, the reader would think that I'm being really incoherent here!) 

To sum it all up, I just wanted a really quirky, somewhat-silly name for this blog which could describe what it (the blog) was really like.

Dude, why do you keep changing your blog's theme?

Since the past few years, I've become someone who's striving to change for the better, who's eager to evolve.

So I guess that's why, I keep changing the theme of my blog. Sometimes I change it so subtly that nobody would even notice it. Sometimes though, I change it drastically.

Why is your blog address http://eeriefairy.blogspot.com? What's so great about an eerie fairy? 

Hmm... an interesting question. 

I'd loaned a book from one of my old best friends called "Airy Fairy" and I was really taken with the title. So while I was making this blog, I remembered the book and decided to name it "Eerie Fairy" instead of "Airy Fairy", because I felt, at that time, it rhymed better and it felt much quirkier. 

I am not going to explain any metaphorical reasoning as to why I made the username like that because I don't have any metaphorical reasoning myself and I'm not going to expend my energy cooking up one.

How old were you when you started blogging? 

I guess I was around twelve years old. I had become obsessed with writing and when I came to know that one of my cousins had a blog. 

So, I, like any other sane person, thought that I wanted a blog too. 

I had no idea about views, I had no idea about comments, I had no idea whatsoever about followers. 

But I wanted a blog and finally, I wrote.

Why do you call yourself Archie?

It's actually an anagram of my real name, with an extra letter. 

How do you get so much time to write so many posts?

Uh, I don't

I try to make time for it because it's something I love. 

I have a target of posting at least two blog posts every month. However, I haven't really finalized on the time span between the posts. Usually it's a week, though. 


If you guys have some other queries, you can post them on the comments below! :)

Much love,



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