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Yep. I have an account on Wattpad.

But do I use it? 

Not much. 

I just select a bunch of cutesy-chick-lit/teen-romance/humor books and read during my spare time (which is like an endangered species right now). 

Do I write? 

I have a bunch of stuff posted. You can give it a read, if you have a lot of time in your hands! :) 

A warning: Just ignore all the typos, like a bunch of good readers. These stories are HIGHLY MAJORLY UNEDITED! 

Aching Hearts 


Remember: Love is universal. Every person out there, whether rich or poor, healthy or sick, has fallen in love and has felt the loss greatly.

Ever felt like crying when the person you love is with someone else?

 Ever felt like remembering all the good times you had with your ex and now that person is supposedly completely alien to you?

Ever felt how you wanted to get out of a very bad, toxic relationship? And when you do, you realize despite how emotionally draining it was, it was a good thing?

 Ever felt how much it hurts when the person you love hates you in return?

Then, Aching Hearts is a right book for you.

Aching Hearts is a series of poems which describe about love and the after effects of losing someone who you’ve given your heart out to. It’s about love, it’s about loss, and it’s about all the tornado of sorrow that hits you when the person you love is gone forever.

And finally, remember: tears are as important as laughter. There are times when you need to let out the sadness within you so that it doesn’t remain in your system any longer.

So keep a tissue in hand as you go through this journey of tears. 

Wilting Flower



There’s no  one to see, 
What is going on with me; 
There’s no one to be kind, 
To help me get over the tortures of my mind;

Their words cut through my soft skin, 
Like a sharp set of knives; 
What on earth have I done, 
To be the bane of their lives?

It’s like I have done something wrong;
Why am I being picked on so? 
It’s been too long, 
Since I have been serving my punishment, 
For God-knows what sin;

They keep saying,
You’re too poor; 
They keep playing, 
With my feelings;

It’s tough, it’s rough; 
It’s like I’ve done something wrong, 
It’s like, I’m that note of a song, 
That doesn’t fit to the mellifluous melody;

I don’t like it, 
It does not seem fit; 
To stay somewhere, 
  Where nothing is fair;

Delora "Lori" Harper is depressed. Life has not been kind to her, especially in the past few years. She's lost a sister, she's been forced to make severe life's choices by her overbearing parents and her best friend abandoned her when Lori needed her the most. 

There's nothing she can do - except die

But God doesn't want her to die. He wants her to face the challenges and come out stronger than before. 

Come. Step into Lori's world and see how she transforms from a dying, wilting flower-bud to a blooming flower. 


  1. Haha wattpad. All those lovely cheesy stories. I used to read all the most cliché of everything but then I started getting busy. No time anymore :( No more Baby Project or the Cell Phone Swap or Mr Popularity or whatever it was called...


    1. I know, right?
      These days, my schedule consists of studying, sleeping, procrastinating and breathing. I have NO EFFING time to do something remotely productive. :/


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